Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Black and red checkmark What we do – Home and building condition inspections. To observe and report on that condition.

Black and red checkmark How we do it – By using the latest technology & training.

Black and red checkmark Why we do it  Our commitment is to protect and safeguard our client and their families and to discover and document the buildings structural integrity and soundness and to reveal any condition that may be unsafe or detrimental to the occupants and the building.

Home inspection checklist on paper

Black and red checkmark Who we do it for – The people and families that makeup and support the community that we all live in and enjoy, and to always act in the best interests of the client and the family involved.

Black and red checkmark How we succeed at it each day – A daily vigil of learning and understanding of how we interact with and live in our homes, and to follow and respect the code of ethics and to promote the highest standard of professionalism in our daily inspection practices and course of actions.

My Promise to You

Black and red checkmark To listen to your concerns, and respect your wishes
Black and red checkmark To consistently do my best inspection possible
Black and red checkmark To compile your inspection report to become a valuable resource
Black and red checkmark To partner with you in the sharing of my knowledge
Black and red checkmark To make your inspection a fruitful and enjoyable experience
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Giving you peace of mind, knowing you made the right decisions