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Man and Xtreme inspections truck
Man and Xtreme inspections truck


I was raised on a farm in Langley, BC. My father was in the Navy during World War II; sadly, he lost almost all of his vision. At a young age, my sister, two brothers, and I always had a multitude of chores to do, and we developed fundamental construction skills with a hammer and a saw. As I got older and flew the nest, I took on several construction jobs in White Rock, BC, building apartments. Then I was hired by a small construction company and did many roofs, framing., concrete work, and almost anything to do with ‘building.’ In 1976 I was approached by a friend who asked me if I would like to build some houses with him. My answer was a resounding yes. The one thing I find most rewarding with the building industry is that every day when I leave the site, I can look over my shoulder and see what I accomplished. As the years went by I found myself getting involved in other small enterprises, and when I moved to Alberta in 1997 I decided to go into the home building and general contracting business for myself. The next 21 years went by quickly. In that time my company built six complete houses, developed many basements, constructed decks, completed renovations, additions, and lots of repair work. During that time, I also learned auto CAD drawing and produced my own blueprints. Then in 2005, I took a course through SAIT for “Home Inspection,” not to become a home inspector, but for my general knowledge and a deeper insight into the housing industry. Now 13 years later, I have decided to be dedicated full-time to the “home and building inspection” field of work, Red and black cross logotreme Inspections Ltd. is born, and with my extensive background in construction, repairs, renovations, and complete home building, I am confident that I can offer my clients the most in-depth home inspection service including comprehensive reports.


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I was introduced to the inspection industry on a professional level in 2005 after successfully completing the SAIT home inspection course. I found this course to be exceptionally interesting and informative. I was able to apply my new inspection knowledge to the construction business, and with this new knowledge, I looked at the construction business somewhat differently. It gave me a deeper insight to the procedures of building logistics. This gave me an Red and black cross logo-treme advantage, as l was able to foresee and correct problems before they became complicated and expensive issues.

The building/renovation business has many problems and issues to overcome before and during the construction process. Some of these are; Financing, there is never an infinite supply of money, and the project is limited to a pre-determined budget, this budget is determined before the project begins, estimates and quotes are submitted by the trades and services that will be involved. Revisions; when the project is underway, there are additions, changes to materials, changes and/or problems with the trades, supply and delivery of materials, etc. Supervision; Supervision of any construction project is not
without its challenges. You need to be on top of everything every day and have a keen insight of good standards of practice, building codes and compliance with city inspections. Through all this, mistakes will happen. Things get covered up, components do not operate as expected, or cause problems in other areas. Are we still on budget? As the money is depleted, and soon to be gone, and in an effort to conserve, some areas will suffer with low quality materials and low quality or quickly done workmanship.

Now, licensed, certified and with a new approach to the home inspection business, and with an extensive background in construction, I can easily spot problems presenting themselves before me, and future problems emerging. When you are inspecting someone’s home, you cannot bring out your tools and start tearing open walls and dismantling components to look for problems. You need to rely on your past experiences as well as the wonderful equipment we now have at our disposal. Such as infrared technology, snake cameras, small borescope cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, radon gas
measurement equipment, moisture detecting devices, combustible gas sniffers, and handheld computers to compile all this information on for a well—organized, informative and colourful report. Can we see and accurately report on everything? I think not, no one can, but with a large array of high-tech inspection equipment, professional training, and many years in the construction industry, you can expect a complete and thorough building inspection, and to give you the best inspection advantage… get the Red and black cross logo—treme Advantage. Call us today.